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Mighty Swings Playground Borders & Landscape Services

Keep kids safe!

with border and safety surfacing

Our border and safety surfacing is a great way to define your play area and contain the safety surface materials used to keep kids safe from falls. Designed to blend seamlessly into your playground's environment. Rebar stakes grip into the ground to prevent movement disturbances. Add value and definition to your landscape with our different size border options.

1. 20' x 20' Border & Landscape Cover: 400 Square Feet Border

2. 24' x 24' Border & Landscape Cover: 576 Square Feet Border

3. Custom Sizes Available

We will deliver and install 4' x 6' Pine Timbers, rebar to secure the timbers to ground, landscape liner to help aid in weed barrier and control, stabilizing staples to help in stabilizing the fabric to ground and playground mulch. Our Playground ground cover product is cypress mulch.

Cypress Mulch tends to have the best rated shock absorbency by the International Playground Association. Safety zones around the end of your slide(s), under swing(s) and around perimeter of play fort(s) will be thickened in the mulch product depth to help aid and provide a barrier in consideration of playground safety. To allow the product to breath, a thinner layer will be spread inside of the borders general areas. We recommend seasonal raking of the mulch to extend the life of the product; to aid-in and prevent water retention and to reduce its compaction. Also seasonally, we suggest that you add new mulch around the safety zones to help keep it as thick as possible.

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